Why DNA Croatia?

Who we are

After getting the Digital Nomad Visa through, the Digital Nomad Association (DNA) Croatia supports and connects digital nomads in Croatia and organisations working with them, such as coworking spaces, accommodation and locals.

What we do

We support and connect citizens, the public and private sector to best serve the interests of our communities and digital nomads in Croatia.

We help policy makers, institutions, regions, the private sector and everyday citizens adapt to and best serve digital nomads. We take a sustainable approach, ensuring the needs of national interest are met – while serving the digital nomad lifestyle we want digital nomads in Croatia to enjoy – and invite their friends to experience!

To do this, we have five areas of focus:


Build community through active outreach and support to both digital nomads in Croatia and organisations or individuals supporting them. As well as offering membership perks to DNs here on the digital nomad visa.


Provide and share relevant and recent information for matters related to digital nomads and community members through our social media accounts, newsletter, events and members group.


Represent digital nomads to continue improving and developing the digital nomad visa in Croatia. To also support businesses on issues and be their voice to government and where applicable, legal matters.


Guarantee quality through a certification system where those working with digital nomads will meet DNA’s requirements, relevant to each sector (for example, accommodation meets DN needs, coworking is accessible etc.).


Upskill and inform a range of stakeholders, including education for the public sector about digital nomads, as well as informing youth about career opportunities through our Rent A Nomad corporate and social program.

The DNA Team 

Meet the Change-Makers leading the charge, making Croatia your #1 choice as a digital nomad.

Jan de Jong


Dutch entrepreneur living in Split, who championed the policy change to welcome digital nomads to Croatia, often seen #livingthecroatiandream

Tanja Polegubic


Award winning events organiser and Croatian co-working sector pioneer, who continues to runs amazing events, fun meet ups and networking for digital nomads.

Karmela Tancabel


Holds decades of international business and high-profile NGO experience, and has a long track record of success putting Croatia onto the global map of exquisite wine destinations.

romana konjevod community manager DNA Croatia

Romana Konjevod

Community Manager

Environmentalist passionate about working on community management and cross-functional projects with international experience in the private and NGO sector.

Our supporters:

We believe in partnership working, which is why we are supported by a large range of organisations and individuals. Corporate donors and sponsors have helped us grow, whilst city councils and Croatian ministries, namely MUP, Health, Finance and Tourism have facilitated the Croatian digital nomad visa. We are also extremely grateful to be supported by everyday Croatians who welcome digital nomads through their products, services and community contribution.

We would love to hear from you!

Our mission

To help ensure the digital nomad experience in Croatia is the best it can be for everyone.

“Croatia was among the first countries in the world to update its legislation and offer a 1 year residency permit especially for digital nomads to enjoy easier, longer, legal and tax-free stays in Croatia.”

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Why choose Croatia as your #1 digital nomad destination?

Croatia is an ideal location for digital nomads, location independent professionals and lifestyle for remote workers.

  • Safety
  • Mediterranean climate
  • Great access to Europe and the world
  • All year round activities (swim in the summer, hike in the winter)
  • Affordability
  • Rich history
  • Hospitality
  • Quality, affordable healthcare
  • Excellent English language speaking skills