Become a sponsor

Core sponsor – 75,000 HRK +

If you are a company or organisation that is able to sponsor above 75,000HRK, then it’s only fair for us to have a discussion about how best you can support us.

Previous sponsors of this size have been able to help us develop a range of new programs, such as our Welcome to Croatia pack, as well as cover our core costs which enables us to employ the people that make everything else possible.

Sponsor a community – 50,000 HRK +

We are working with regions, cities, towns and villages across Croatia, supporting them as they develop their remote worker and digital nomad infrastructure.

With your support, you can sponsor one of these towns get their own community manager, who will work one day a week welcoming nomads, organising local events and feeding back data to us about how the landscape in that location is evolving.

Sponsor a month of meetups – 25,000 HRK

DNA Croatia were responsible for the first nationwide digital nomad drinks meetup called we{dn}esdays, with 6 cities running the same event at the same time. Now we are following up with with CoCo Monday (coworking morning over coffee) and DNDoGood Saturdays (nomads in the community humanitarian actions).

We want to support these further, make them better and more impactful, and by sponsoring one of them we can do this. So get in touch to sponsor a month of meetups and gain exposure across Croatia to both locals and digital nomads.

Sponsor a nomad – 5,000 HRK

They say you never get a second chance to make a first impression, which is why every digital nomad that gets in touch with us is as important as the last. We do our utmost to get them blogging, vlogging and telling their fellow nomads about Croatia.

By sponsoring a nomad, you will be supporting us in making sure they have a welcome pack to Croatia,and a welcome to each location. It will also help us develop our online resources and channels to provide the best information before and during their stay.

In-kind sponsorship / Discussion

From vouchers to giftcodes, catering to travel, we are always open to hearing about in-kind sponsorship.

As we support a large range of events and conferences, and welcome a variety of travelling communities, we are always looking for the best partners in providing all elements of these.

Let us know if you have something to offer that could add that extra special detail to what we are already doing.