Photo: Ivo Biočina

Once called the most boring capital in Europe, Zagreb’s moment of cool has arrived. Lonely Planet’s Best Destination in Europe in 2017 and very much on the international tourism map for its hugely successful award-winning Advent in Zagreb, expats and digital nomads are discovering the Croatian capital in ever-greater numbers.

The historic Upper Town has come alive with a range of authentic and international bars and restaurants, the cultural scene is vibrant with innovative museums, exhibitions and art galleries, and the parks, lakes and open green spaces make it a joy to move around in the Great Outdoors. Some things to know about Zagreb:

  • The most museums per m2 in the world. And some quite unusual ones too – Broken Relationships, Illusions and Hangovers, they are all here.
  • Despite being labelled as ‘Eastern’ Europe, Zagreb actually lies further West than Vienna. 
  • The first public park in SE Europe, Maksimir is just one of the many parks to explore.
  • Home to the world’s shortest funicular railway, 66m in 64 seconds. Great views!
  • The only EU capital with its own ski resort.
  • A land-locked city, but with its own riviera and beaches.

Less fashionable than its more glamorous Hapsburg neighbours of Vienna, Prague and Budapest, Zagreb’s smaller size, ample public spaces, and vibrant cafe culture are increasingly appealing to remote workers. More affordable than these cities, Zagreb is also a walkable city, with plenty to see and do within walking distance of your accommodation. The gourmet and cultural offer increases in size, quality and internationalism with each year. 

Zagreb is not just a city, however, and the recent initiative to merge the tourism offer with the county in the Around Zagreb project offers a whole new world of entertainment. Golf, wine tours, hiking, skiing, truffle hunting and horseriding, to name but a few. 

Festivals worth checking out:

    • Snow Queen Ski Trophy in January
    • Zagreb World Theatre Festival in May
    • INMusic Festival in June
    • Zagreb Film Festival in November
    • Advent in Zagreb in December

Zagreb Digital Nomad Week in June, 2021, will put the city on the remote work map, but in reality, the secret is already out. The chilled Croatian lifestyle with big city amenities make Zagreb an increasingly attractive destination, and the opening of a Ryanair base in July 2021 opens up budget flight accessibiliy for the first time. Coworking spaces are opening all over the city, and this, coupled with the dynamic startup scene, is bringing a fresh and exciting vibe to the city. 

Coworking spaces in Zagreb 

    • BIZkoshnica

    • HUB385

    • Impact Hub Zagreb

    • InstantOffice Zagreb

    • Regus

    • Spaces

    • Wespa

    • MyPlace Coworking

    • Join Us coworking

Public transport is excellent. Buy the monthly ZET card and take advantage of the superb (and very affrordable) tram and bus network. Uber is present in the city.

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