Photo: Ivo Biočina

Krk is a Croatian island like no other. Connected by international airport and bridge to the mainland, its diverse flora and fauna showcase all parts of Croatia. Its indigenous food and wine give it a gourmet identity which is celebrated on every possible occasion. Its historic towns and magnificent beaches are magnets for tourists, which its culture and heritage go deeper than one might expect for a Croatian island. In many ways, Krk is the complete island, just 30 minutes away from one of Croatia’s largest cities. Some things to know about Krk:

  • Krk is Croatia’s most populous island, with more than 17,000 inhabitants.
  • It is known as the Golden Island, as well as the Cradle of Croatian Culture, due to the Glagolithic script findings in Baska.
  • The most diverse Croatian island in terms of flora and fauna, the 1400 types of land plant found there comprise 50% of those found in all Croatia.
  • The Golden Island has its golden wine – Zhlatina is an indigenous Krk variety, which goes well with the Krk pasta-like speciality, Surlice. 

For such a natural paradise, it is perhaps not surprising to find an extensive active tourism offer. Krk is ideal for cyclists and hikers, while sailors, kayakers, wakeboarders, and divers will find plenty to wonder at on and below the water surface, including Punat Underwater Park. And don’t miss Zipline Edison if you are looking for an extra thrill. 

Krk Town is the biggest settlement, a historic old town close to the water, but if you are looking for the wine story, head to Vrbnik. And the cradle of culture is in Baska. Wherever you choose on Krk, you will be blessed with great food, wine, views and hospitality.

Festivals worth checking out:

  • Fig Days (August)
  • Evening of Ancient Cuisine, Omisalj (July)
  • Cheese Days, Malinska (July)
  • Big Fest, Baska (August)
  • Vrbnik Eat and Drink (July and August)
  • Zlahtina Wine Festival (July)
  • Surlice Days (July)
  • Olive Day in Punat (November)

Krk is easily the best-connected of all the Croatian islands. The main reason for that, of course, is the bridge which connects the island to the mainland. With travel time to Zagreb just two hours, no wonder Krk is such a popular place for weekend house ownership of residents of the capital. Rijeka International Airport is also located on Krk, one of only three Croatian islands with its own commercial airport. The roads are excellent by island standards, and the bus connections between villages and towns on the island is good, as are bus connections to Rijeka and beyond. 

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