DN accommodation

Digital Friendly Only

One of the challenges of establishing Croatia as a prime digital nomad destination will be education of the local tourism providers on this new wave of tourism.

For some, serving digital nomads with a bed and free WiFi is enough, but the needs of digital nomads are obviously far greater than that. DNA will work with local accommodation and tourism providers to educate and communicate the needs of incoming digital nomads. 

Over time, DNA will build up a database of certified digital nomad-friendly businesses who provide services to nomads. This includes accommodation providers with a 12-month vision of tourism, not those who will terminate long-term contracts as the tourist season approaches. 

We are developing a platform to connect you with landlords that know exactly what Digital Nomads need, the platform is www.dnastay.com

Code of Conduct

  1. For DN renting accommodation

When renting accommodation, the DNs will ensure:

  • they have read, understood and signed the rental agreement

  • they adhere to all the conditions

  • they treat the property with respect as they would their own home

  • they are responsive to the reasonable requests of the landlord

  • they maintain courteous and cordial relations with the landlord

  • they register with local authorities as appropriate

  • they check the property thoroughly before renting to agree and sign any existing issues or damages

  • they provide genuine references to the landlord upon request

  • they will keep the property tidy

  • they allow the landlord and/or workmen access to the property as needed after an agreed notice period (e.g., 24 hours)

  • they will keep outside spaces tidy and deposit trash according to the local practice

  • they will give appropriate notice when they leave

  • all keys will be returned, all outstanding bills paid

  • they leave the property as they found it

  • they will take part in an inspection of the property to ensure no outstanding issues

  • they will act with integrity at all times

When renting accommodation, landlords will ensure:

  • the property is in optimal condition 

  • all appliances are safe

  • a rental agreement will be produced in English and Croatian

  • they will adhere to all the conditions of the rental agreement

  • an inspection of the property is made before signing the agreement, and any defects/issues are agreed upon

  • they are responsive to the reasonable requests of the tenant

  • they do not enter the property unannounced

  • any visits to the property (either in person or for workers for repairs) to be agreed in advance with at least 24 hours’ notice

  • to provide the tenant with an emergency phone number

  • to ensure that all bills are paid, or any bills due by the tenant should be delivered in timely fashion 

  • they maintain courteous and cordial relations with the tenant

  • they help the tenant with any registrations with the authorities, as appropriate

  • they commit to maintaining the price in the contract and not cancelling the contract when the tourist season approaches.

  • in the event the landlord wishes to terminate the agreement, a period of 3 months’ notice is required

  • they will assist the tenant with any reasonable requests for help with daily living needs

  • they will ensure that all utility bills are recorded at the start of the rental period

  • they will take part in an inspection of the property to ensure no outstanding issues

  • they will adhere to the terms of the contract

  • they will ensure a good and stable Internet connection at all times

  • the property advertised is the property which will be rented (no ‘bait and switch’)

  • they will charge a fair market price

  • they will always act with integrity

  1. Partners/Donors/Members

Partners, donors and members (PDM) of DNA adhere to the following:

  • Confidentiality. All dealings with DNA are deemed to be confidential unless agreed otherwise.

  • Professional competence. The PDM will always demonstrate professional competence in the relevant field.

  • Integrity. The PDM will always act with integrity.

  • Professional behaviour. The PDM will always act professionally. 

  • Communication. The PDM will be transparent in communication and respond to DNA requests within a reasonable period.

  • Objectivity. The PDM will be objective in all its dealings with DNA.