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We boast two membership programs!

First of all, all digital nomads are welcome to join our Facebook Group – Digital Nomads Croatia – where we share all news, events and community information.

For those digital nomads here on a digital nomad permit, send us an e-mail and we will send you your “Welcome to Croatia” membership pack which includes discounts and information

For any private or public digital nomad service providers, become part of the movement, support us in our decision-making and get involved in making Croatia the number one Digital Nomad Destination!


DNA relies on donations and membership subscriptions, and we are very grateful to those of you who have supported us thus far.

Raiffeisen Bank believe in supporting exciting, innovative and impactful initiatives, as well as offering the perfect banking solution for digital nomads.

Links ensured we could stay remote with their generous donations, and if you need a new laptop, some speakers or ANOTHER phone charger, check them out!

Would you like to support us in our mission? Get in touch and see how you could be a donor, contact us at


Our sponsorship opportunities connect businesses with events and nomads that provide us both a win-win situation. No matter how big your company, there is a package for all, check them out here.

Current sponsors

Telemach Hrvatska are investing in Croatian infrastructure to make sure our nomads surf faster than anywhere else, they also offer simcards packages just for nomads!

Other sponsors:

  • Eleks
  • Intellias
  • Croatia National Tourist Board

If your business sees synergy and would like to support our mission, find a sponsorship package that suits you.


DNA has already established excellent relations with a number of key partners:

Webpower¬†connect us where we couldn’t otherwise, with some great solutions that every business must have.

Saltwater Nomads make events happen, and we come and speak at them! It’s not always that straightforward but it’s great to have a partner helping us create the way!

Total Croatia News get the word out, in ways that range from extremely informative to extra cheeky, they have a section dedicated to Digital Nomads so check them out.

BeeRent are a vital partner in our DNAStay project, and have been extremely generous with sharing their knowledge, skills and biska!

Croatian Tourist Boards up and down the country have helped us with content we don’t quite have, and promote us and our partners.