Steve Tsentserensky

Board member


Steve is a copywriter from Cleveland, Ohio and first came to Croatia in 2019 to meet up with a friend and ended up falling in love with Zagreb (and this was in January!). Steve visited again that year for a month and knew he wanted to spend a lot more time here. Steve came back at the end of 2020 with the intention of grabbing the DN permit and got lucky number 7! Since then he’s been trying to explore every corner of Croatia, meet as many people as he can and get immersed in all the things that make it such a downright brilliant place to live.

In brief:

  • Writing for and featured on CNBC, Bloomberg and World Nomads about Croatia.
  • Traveled full-time for a decade-plus before stopping in Croatia.
  • Always up for coffee and a chat.

Steve Tsentserensky

Board member

Why Steve joined DNA:

The travel bug bit me young and for years the only constant was changing scenery. From working in the cruise industry as a digital marketer and multimedia producer to starting a copywriting business and being fully location independent, being on the move has been a defining characteristic of my life.

Until I stumbled on Croatia.

There’s something special here. In fact, there are a lot of things that are special here. The people, the history, the food and wine, the culture, the nature, the lifestyle. There’s a fulfilling and rejuvenating quality to time spent in Croatia, be it on the coast, in the capital or out east. Now most of my movements are around the country.

It’s endless discovery in a small package. Easily accessible and always inspiring.

The energy and excitement about the country is something you can feel. There’s an entrepreneurial spirit to move things forward while staying anchored to a proud tradition. Joining the DNA team means using all those strengths to encourage the brightest digital nomads and remote workers to invest their time in Croatia. To show them why time spent here can be as productive as it is enriching.