Source: Croatian National Tourist Board – Boris Kačan

Looking for a slice of remote work living on an idyllic Dalmatian island? Look no further than the island of Hvar, which has already established itself as the digital nomad island island hotspot. An American nomad in Jelsa was the second to get the permit back in February, and many more have made Croatia’s premier island their new temporary home. 

And what is not to like on Hvar, the island which has absolutely everything. Some things to know about Hvar:

  • It is the sunniest island in Europe, with an average of 2,714 hours of sun a year.
  • The oldest public theatre in Europe, built in 1612.
  • The birthplace of organised tourism in Europe, with the founding of the Hvar Health Society in 1868.
  • A Mediterranean Diet which is inscribed as intangible UNESCO heritage.
  • More UNESCO heritage than any island in the world.
  • Birthplace of Ivan Vucetic, grandfather of dactyloscopy.
  • Outstanding beaches regularly included in top 10 lists, including CNN’s top naturist beach.
  • World-class wines from indigenous varieties, with the only Master of Wine in Croatia producing quality wines.
  • Top sporting destination, with Bahrain McLaren annual visitors for winter cycling training. 

Connected by catamaran and ferry to Split (1 and 2 hours), Hvar Town is the jewel, one of the most exclusive waterfronts in Europe, with the enticing Pakleni Islands in front of the town a relaxing getaway by water taxi. More expensive than the rest of the island, Hvar Town is definitely the place to be seen. 

Much more laid-back, and with a 40% reduction in prices are the historic towns of Stari Grad and Jelsa, authentic Dalmatian destinations in tune with the relaxed pace of life. Both are popular with the growing expat community and digital nomads. 

Activities to check out: Hvar is a great active destination, with a strong offer for sailing, scuba diving, kayaking, hiking, climbing, cycling, wine tours and sun worship. There is a strong sense of community, with several volunteer projects available to check out. 

Festivals worth checking out:

  • Hvar Summer Festival from May to October (Hvar Town)
  • Lavender Festival in late June (Velo Grablje)
  • Jelsa Wine Festival in late August (Jelsa)
  • Ultra Europe Music Festival in July (Hvar Town)
  • Days in the Bay in September (Stari Grad)
  • Edible Dormouse Festival – the island’s biggest festival – in August (Dol)

There are plenty of supermarkets on the island, and you can also buy fresh local produce from the markets. Credits cards are accepted but not in all places, so check before. 

Car and scooter rental is available. The bus service works well connecting the main towns, as well as to the ferry schedule. 

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